MOHS Program for Non-U.S.-Trained Dentists Curriculum

This course will provide foundational knowledge on the doctor patient relationship, medical history skills and the basics of dental orofacial physical exam and developing the doctor patient relationship. All throughout, students will receive instruction in the principles of professionalism and ethical decision making with emphasis on case-based discussions.

The seminar-based course will ensure that students develop understanding of biomedical, behavioral and dental sciences and apply information in a problem-solving context for the comprehensive treatment planning and management of their patients. Principles of practice management will be weaved throughout all the clinical cases.


The seminar is an open forum discussion in which students make patient case presentations including the diagnosis, treatment plan, and therapy.

The course will provide information about the fundamentals of literature search, and appraisal and introduction to basic statistical methods and discuss the significance of nutrition for oral health.

Module 1 will provide a series of lectures focused on the basic principles of radiology including radiobiology, radiation medicine and technique. A hands-on component will provide the student with experience in taking radiographs. Module 2 will teach the student four-handed dental assisting technique and improve skills such as patient communication, team building, and record keeping.

Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills in oral health promotion and disease prevention activities with individuals, communities and populations. Course topics include discussion of the philosophy, modalities, rationale and evaluation of health promotion and disease prevention activities related to caries, periodontal diseases and oral cancer.

The student will gain understanding of the effect of drugs on human body.

Rotations through specialty clinics in Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Periodontal Prosthesis, Prosthodontics, other PDM extramural community sites and the PDM Office of Fiscal Operations.

Guidance to design and complete an oral health related project and present it in the form of a thesis.