Welcome to the Microscope Training Center. The development of new technologies has fundamentally changed the modern practice of endodontics, resulting in more efficient, effective and patient-friendly endodontic care. At Penn Dental Medicine we have been working on these changes since the establishment of the Training Center in 1993, testing the new technologies and techniques in a rigorous clinic setting. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and what works best in a given environment – information we would like to share with you in our two-day, hands-on courses in Microsurgery and Microendodontic Training.

The Training Center was established as the first university-based Microscope Training Program by Dr. Syngcuk Kim , Louis I. Grossman Professor, Department of Endodontics. Since its inception, leaders in endodontic education and clinical practitioners from the U.S.A. and around the world have been trained at the Center. Dr. Kim is a renowned microcirculatory researcher and practicing endodontist. He has been using the surgical operating microscope since 1974 in his research and since 1992 in his private endodontic practice in Rockefeller Center, New York City. He has also been an instrumental force in incorporating microendodontics and microsurgery into endodontic practice in the USA. Dr. Kim is the primary author of the “Color Atlas of Microsurgery in Endodontics” (Mosby, 2001) and chief editor of “The Microscope In Endodontics” (Dental Clinics of North America, 1997).

Our Facilities

The Microscope Training Center is within the state-of-the-art Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic.

Participants have their own stations and their own instructors for the duration of the training courses guaranteeing maximum hands-on experience.


Dr. Meetu R. Kohli
Program Director – CE & International Program
Phone: 215-898-4617
Fax: 215-573-2148
E-mail: PDMPennEndo@pobox.upenn.edu