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Microendodontic Training

Microendodontic Training

Microendodontic Training — Streamlined Endodontics 2-Day Course

Change your approach; change your results

This unique program is a collaborative effort of University of Pennsylvania, Endodontic department and Dr. Martin Trope, the founder of Next Level Endodontics (NLE) for the practitioner who seeks to provide his or her patients with long term predictable clinical success. The course content is derived from the most current biologic knowledge and the clinical application of this science as espoused in the treatment philosophy of the endodontic department of the University of Pennsylvania.

The attendee will be trained in bio-minimalistic rotary concepts with a focus on BioRace and BT Race systems as well as synchronized, hydraulic, bioceramic obturation. These systems are consistent, efficient and predictable and readily transferable from the classroom to the treatment room. The class size is small so individual attention is guaranteed and the NLE faculty is available online for follow-up technical support and assistance. In addition, a kit of the equipment used in the hands-on session serviceable for 25 to 30 root canal procedures will be provided to the attendee upon the completion of the program for further training or for patient treatment.

The attendee at this program will:

  • experience the use of microscopes to visualize the root canal system
  • develop an appreciation of “as small as necessary” access design
  • work with instruments whose apical size and degree of taper are consistent with biologic reality assuring optimal instrumentation of the apical third of the root canal space
  • obturate the root canal space with bioceramics using the synchronized cold hydraulic technique
  • learn the protocols of state of the art irrigation
  • create shapes that are amenable to passive post insertion and core development
  • observe a live patient presentation will demonstrate techniques discussed
  • receive personalized instruction during the hands-on sessions
  • gain a true appreciation of how the new era of 3 dimensional shaping, cleaning and obturation will impact on their practice future.
  • the program provides further assistance and educational resources. Kindly ask Ms. Merrie Hupp at registration.

Detailed Course Synopsis

Treatment of Apical Periodontitis: Positive treatment outcomes for necrotic teeth are invariably lower than those for vital teeth with irreversible pulpitis. The attendee will learn current procedures of microbial control, bio-mechanical instrumentation and state-of-the-art irrigation protocols that can ensure the same rate of success for necrotic teeth and vital teeth

Instrumentation of the Apical Third : The generally accepted rationale for apical preparation will be discussed. The evidence based biologic imperative of apical third shaping and cleaning will be addressed in regard to the pros and cons of various instrument sizes and tapers.

Operating Microscope Instruction with Hands-On: Our faculty will cover the basics of the operating microscope and its benefits with endodontic treatment. Each participant will be shown on a personal basis how to parfocal and adjust the oculars so that they can use the microscope throughout the hands-on sections of the course and utilize this knowledge in practice.

Three Dimensional Root Cleaning and Synchronized, Hydraulic, Bioceramic Root Filling: Bio-minimalistic 3-D cleaning and bioceramic root filling technologies will be discussed. New technologies promise excellent results for vital and non-vital teeth both for prevention and for treatment of apical periodontitis and for the long-term survivability of the tooth will be shared.

Hands-On Training: Participants will perform effective, hands-on exercises on extracted teeth as well as realistic simulated models of natural teeth. This establishes a foundation for predictable and safe rotary NiTi instrumentation of the root canal system. New 3-D technology that allows for superior cleaning of the root canal system in all dimensions with minimal removal of dentin will be introduced. The limitations of gutta-percha obturation will be presented and state-of-the art, bioactive obturation techniques and concepts will be highlighted during the course.

Participants are asked to bring 2 – 4 extracted teeth, accessed for endodontic treatment.

Course Dates (Thursday-Saturday)

October 1-3, 2020


Course Fees

$2,500 ($100 cancellation fee)


Drs. Martin Trope, James Hupp, Bekir Karabucak, Frank Setzer, Meetu Kohli and staff.

CE Hours

16 credit hours
Courses open to endodontists and general practitioners

To register

The course will be held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and Next Level Endodontics. The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course due to unforeseen circumstances.

Group Training

Individual Micro-endodontic Training Courses for groups may be arranged upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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Dr. Meetu R. Kohli
Program Director – CE & International Program
Phone: 215-898-4617
Fax: 215-573-2148

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