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Thomas P. Sollecito One Health Fellowship


The Thomas P. Sollecito One Health Fellowship in Oral Medicine is a lifetime endowment given in honor of Dr. Sollecito. Dr. Sollecito is Professor and Chair of Oral Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine and a world-renowned educator and clinician. He has received several research grants focused on the study of oral mucosal diseases and oral cancer. Dr. Sollecito is the recipient of multiple teaching and clinical awards, including the Pennsylvania Dental Association Recognition Award, the Samuel Charles Miller Award from the American Academy of Oral Medicine and the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. He has shown a long-term interest in oral conditions of veterinary patients and has mentored Dr. Jamie G. Anderson, a diplomate in Veterinary Dentistry and Internal Medicine since 2004. Dr. Anderson is generously funding this fellowship.

The Fellowship is crafted to support the One Health concept between Oral Medicine specialists at University of Pennsylvania and veterinary dentists interested in oral medicine and dedicated to life-long learning. Applications from Veterinary dentists and Oral Medicine specialists will be considered if they have a research interest in companion animal oral medicine. The successful applicant will be offered a two-week immersion program in clinical oral medicine, including active participation in rounds and have an opportunity to discuss and design a research topic.

The successful fellow will be encouraged to attend the American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM) annual meeting. Additionally, they would be required to either present a poster at this meeting, a virtual grand-rounds or a manuscript publication. The successful fellow will be allocated $2500.00 in travel expenses.


The Thomas P. Sollecito One Health Fellowship in Oral Medicine announces it is seeking a single Fellow. The Fellowship award will be announced at the Annual Veterinary Dental Forum in the fall of 2019 if a veterinarian is chosen or at the fall annual meeting of AAOM, if a dentist is chosen.

Fellowship applications are reviewed according to the following format and schedule:
June 30, 2019: Application deadline; send to:

Thomas P. Sollecito, DMD One Health Fellowship in Oral Medicine Committee The Department of Oral Medicine
Penn Dental Medicine
240 S. 40th Street
3rd Floor Schattner Building, Room 353
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Fall 2019: Recipient announced

Applicants name, credentials and current position.
References (3 letters of support):

By signing below, the Fellow agrees to active participation in the Oral Medicine program offered at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in the year following the award announcement. The recipient also agrees to the reporting requirement within 18 months of the Fellowship completion.

Other than the cover page, the application is to be blinded by the applicant – no names, addresses, or other identifying information included. The proposal, after removal of the cover page, will be distributed to the Fellowship application committee.

Candidate statement: please describe the motivation for your application, how you might benefit from an immersion course in oral medicine, how you might share this information with other colleagues, and how you intend to incorporate this information into your clinical practice or research.

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