Penn Dental Medicine Student Research in Spotlight on International Stage


Philadelphia –The strength and depth of Penn Dental Medicine’s student research was on display at this year’s American Association for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Research (AADOCR)/International Association for Dental Research (IADR)/Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR) General Session. Over 30 student researchers were included in the scientific program with their faculty mentors, showcasing a diversity of projects across disciplines. While students also shined in the competitive awards with both a DMD and DScD/periodontics resident receiving fellowships.

“It was exciting to have our student and faculty researchers so well represented on this international stage,” says Dr. Esra Sahingur, Penn Dental Medicine’s Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Student Research. “The scope and level of their investigations are exceptional.”

AADOCR Student Research Fellowship

Fourth-year DMD student Alisa Lee (D’22) earned recognition for her research project as a recipient of the 2021 AADOCR Student Research Fellowship. Created to encourage dental students living in the United States to consider careers in oral health research, recipients are selected based on the creativity of the project, its feasibility, and its potential significance to oral health research. Lee, a research honors student, was awarded the fellowship to continue her work on a study investigating the effects of dental pulp stem-cell derived extracellular vesicles on bone regeneration in a rat model.

“Through this ongoing research in Dr. Anh Le’s group [Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery], I hope to enhance our understanding of the mechanism behind bone reconstruction,” says Lee, “which may lead to the discovery of a novel stem-cell-based therapy for craniofacial bone regeneration.” This fellowship will help her expand her research honors project and share her work at the next AADOCR annual meeting.

“Over the years, I’ve met so many strong, supportive mentors and colleagues at Penn Dental Medicine,” she adds. “I am thankful for their guidance and encouragement.”

AADOCR William B. Clark Fellowship Award in Clinical Periodontal Research

DScD candidate and periodontics resident Dr. Dennis Sourvanos (GD’23) was recognized for his scholarly activity as this year’s recipient of the AADOCR William B. Clark Fellowship Award in Clinical Periodontal Research. This competitive fellowship award is designed to support a postdoctoral level researcher in pursuing clinical research to learn a state-of-the-art methodology in the field of oral health. Dr. Sourvanos was selected for a project titled, “A Novel 3D Preclinical Model to Assess Efficacy of Photobiomodulation (PBM) on Alveolar Ridge Preservation, Subsequent Bone and Intraoral Tissues” – learn more >>

Student & Faculty Research Presentations

Penn Dental Medicine research was also well represented through the student and faculty projects submitted for presentation at the General Session. Among the study abstracts presented were the following (students indicated in bold):

Activation of Mast Cell Receptor MRGPRX2 by Bacterial Competence-stimulating Peptide-1
Hydar Ali, Aetas Amponnawarat, Chalatip Chompunud Na Ayudhya , Saptarshi Roy

Bond Strength of Different Self-adhesive Resin Cements to Zirconia
E Anadioti, M.B. Blatz, J. Conejo, F Mante, F Ozer, N Patel

Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles(IONP)Disrupt Enterococcus faecalisin Endodontic Biofilm Models
Alaa Babeer, Hyun Koo, Yuan Liu, Zhi Ren

Students Enzymatic targeting of mannans to disrupt cross-kingdom cariogenic biofilms
Marwa Bawazir, Atul Dhall, Geelsu Hwang, Hyeeun Kim, Hyun Koo, Yuan Liu

FOXO1 Impairs Diabetic Re-epithelialization Through Epigenetic Regulation of MMP9
Manju Benakanakere, D. T. Graves, Subechhya Neupane, Juan Wang, Bo Yang

Grain Size, Flexural Strength, Light Transmittence And Reflectance Of Dental Monolithic Zirconia Material Under Different Sintering Temperatures
Michael Bergler, Victoria T. Hu, Francis Mante

Maxillary Sinus Differs Among Vertical Patterns of Class II Populations
Normand Boucher, Chun-His Chung, Chenshuang Li, Mel Mupparapu, Evgenii Proskurnin, Abby L Syverson, Min Zou

Characterizing the binding of EGFF-retargeted oncolytic herpes simplex virus resistant to virus neutralizing monoclonal antibodies
Doina Atanasiu, Tina M. Cairns, Megan Chen, Gary H. Cohen, Joseph C. Glorioso, Huan Lou, Wan Ting Saw, Thomas P. Sollecito, Eric T. Stoopler

Accelerated Cutaneous Wound Healing Through Exosome and IP-10 Delivery
Chider Chen, Anh Le, Kevin Lou

Metabolic Reprogramming Regulates Mandibular-Derived Stem Cell Evolution
Chider Chen, Juyoung Park, Songtao Shi

Hindlimb Unloading Mouse Exhibits Impaired BMMSC Function Due to Reduced Tnfα Endocytosis
Chider Chen, Xiaoxing Kou, Dawei Liu, Songtao Shi, Tingting Yu, Wenjing Yu

Evaluation of Long-Term Efficacy of forced erupted teeth for restorative purposes-A Clinical Retrospective Study
Yu Cheng, Chang, J. Fiorellini, M. Qali, Manal Sabir, Hellen Teixeira

FOXO1 Deletion Restores Diebetes-impared Fracture Healing Through Rescuing Ciliogenesis
Zahra Chinipardaz, Gongsheng Yuan, D.T. Graves, Shuying Yang

DPSC-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Promote Rat Maxillofacial Bone Regeneration
James Cho, Alisa Lee, Qunzhou Zhang, Anh Le

Do Nursing Journals Publish On Facial Injuries?
Kristen Chreiman, Srighana Nadella, Neeraj Panchal, Julie Sochalski

The Role of Prx1+ Oral Fibroblasts in Expediting Gingival Wound Healing
B.P. DerGarabedian, D.T. Graves, K.I. Ko, B.N. Link

RGS12 drives macrophage activation and osteoclastogenesis in periodontitis
Chuanyun Fu, George Hajishengallis, Shu-ting Yang, Shuying Yang

Single Cell RNAseq Analysis of Dendritic Cells in Experimental Periodontitis
Garifallou, M. Gonzalez, D. T. Graves, C. Thakore, M. Liu, M. Zhou

The Effect of Twitter on Academic Dentistry
Nitika Gupta, Alex Ho, Sinem Esra Sahingur

The Surface Hardness of Ag-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement with Zeolite
Jessica Hao, Spencer Lang, Ashten Nguyen, Francis Mante, Fusun Ozer

Cytolethal Distending Toxin (Cdt) Induces Macrophages to Release Pro-Inflammatory Mediators
Grace Huang; Lisa Pankoski-Walker, Bruce J. Shenker

Candida albicans profiling in dental plaque of children with severe early childhood caries
Hyun Koo, Yuan Liu, Zhenting Xiang

Soft 3D-Scaffolds Promote Enrichment of Neural Crest Stem-like Cell Properties in GMSCs
Anh D. Le , Faizan I. Motiwala, Rabie M. Shanti, Shihong Shi, Qunzhou Zhang

In addition, Alisa Lee and Dr. Sourvanos, along with a number of other students involved in the projects above, were recipients of the Penn Dental Medicine AADOCR Travel Awards, presented during the 2021 Penn Dental Medicine Research Day in May. As this year’s winners, they will attend and present their research at the AADOCR/CADR General Session & Exhibition in Atlanta, GA, next March 2022.

Penn Dental Medicine offers multiple predoctoral research programs and advanced graduate degrees (MSOB, DScD, MOHS) for interested students.