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Information on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on patient care and School/University operations. Plus, resources for the Penn Dental Medicine community and alumni.

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Research & Technologies

The Center for Innovation & Precision Dentistry (CiPD) is advancing science across disciplines by bridging basic/translational researchers and clinicians with engineers and data scientists working in cutting-edge fields. The Center’s cross-disciplinary research bridges Oral Craniofacial Sciences, Engineering and Computational Sciences through a diverse range of investigational areas.

Oral Craniofacial Sciences Engineering and Computational Sciences
Oral biofilm microbiome Nanotechnology and Robotics
Host immunity Artificial intelligence and Machine learning
Tissue regeneration Devices and 3D(bio)printing
Dental materials Materials sciences and chemistry
Dental caries and periodontal diseases Organ/organoids-on-a-chip
Head & Neck cancer Chloroplast-based low-cost therapeutics

Learn more about the research of the core members — view core members »

Among the Center’s research and related technologies:
  • A collaboration between Penn Dental Medicine and the School of Engineering and Applied Science led to the development of automated microrobots that can wipe out oral biofilms – Learn more>>
  • Protein drugs grown in the leaves of lettuce plants at Penn Dental Medicine hope to provide new treatment options for the oral delivery of affordable biopharmaceuticals – Learn more >>
  • Penn nanoparticles have been shown to be less toxic to T Cells engineered for cancer immunotherapy and could have fewer side effects – Learn more >>

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