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Current Clinical Research Projects 

The ARMOR Study

The ARMOR Trial: Commensal Oral Microbiota as a Trigger of Oral Mucositis Severity
Principal Investigator(s): Patricia Corby, DDS, MS and Alexander Lin, MD

The ARMOR Trial is a randomized, controlled trial of a targeted oral care intervention in patients undergoing radiation or chemoradiation for head and neck cancer. The purpose of the study is to test whether this oral care procedure will delay the onset and reduce the severity, duration, and pain of oral mucositis, a debilitating side effect of radiation therapy.

The OHART Study

The OHART Study: An observational study for patients living with HIV who have been on antiretroviral therapy for at least one year.
Principal Investigator: Temitope Omolehinwa, BDS, DScD

The OHART study is a collaborative effort between dental and medical experts, and is aimed toward improving outcomes for people living with HIV. This prospective study will identify oral-systemic non-AIDS-associated comorbid diseases (non-infectious diseases) in a large population of HIV individuals. The goal is to determine key oral health manifestations associated with development and severity of these diseases. A better understanding of the interplay between oral and systemic inflammation in people living with HIV can inform clinicians about novel preventive treatments aimed at reducing inflammation among people living with HIV.

Pediatric Toothpaste Study

Pediatric Toothpaste Study: A Phase 2 randomized, double-blind, active-controlled multi-center clinical trial to assess the safety and the anti-caries efficacy of COL 101 (arginine) non-fluoride dentifrices with 1.5%, 4.0% and 8.0% arginine each in comparison with 0.24% sodium fluoride (1100 ppm F) dentifrice control in 10 to 14-year-old children.
Principal Investigator: David Hershkowitz, DDS, AAS

The purpose of this research study is to test how effective a new toothpaste is in reducing tooth cavities. This new toothpaste contains arginine, an essential amino acid that is naturally found in saliva and produced by the human body. In this study, we will compare regular fluoride toothpastes that you could buy in a store to this new toothpaste which contains arginine.

The VBHE Study

Screening for cardiovascular disease risk factors in a dental setting with video-based health education (VBHE)
Principal Investigator: Sunday Akintoye, BDS, DDS, MS

It is well-known that chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes are major contributors to morbidity and mortality in the United States. However, many adults do not complete regular screening for these conditions. Prior studies have shown that oral and dental healthcare providers, medical professionals, and patients are open to medical screening in a dental setting; therefore, dental chairside screening of patients for select medical conditions opens up an additional point of entry into the healthcare system for at-risk patients.

The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility and acceptability of providing a short educational video on the oral-systemic health connection to patients in the dental clinic. The investigators hope that by providing health education in an accessible, easy to understand format, patients will be more likely to request health screenings from their dental providers as well as more likely to follow-up with a healthcare provider if a disease is identified.

The Dental Fear Study

Identifying and Treating Dental Fear
Principal Investigator:  Mark S. Wolff, DDS, PhD

Penn Dental Medicine and clinical psychologists at New York University have partnered to create a stepped-care approach to identify and treat dental fear. The goal of this program is to train students and dentists to identify patients with dental fear and work with the patient to reduce this fear. The first two years of the project involve working within the dental schools at University of Pennsylvania and New York University. The work will expand in later years of the project to private practices.

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