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Enjoy some leisure time with fellow alumni at unique travel destinations around the globe while also earning continuing education credits.

Penn Dental Medicine’s alumni travel and destination continuing education (CE) programs offer a distinctive opportunity for alumni to expand their knowledge while experiencing new and exciting domestic and international environments. Recent destinations have included Bonaire, Italy, Kenya, Park City, and Vail. Future destinations in the coming months are Turkey, Bali, and Zermatt, Switzerland. These programs take alumni to destinations around the globe, where they immerse themselves in intensive educational experiences led by renowned experts in the field.

In addition to being somewhere exciting, participants can earn several continuing dental education credits from world-renowned lecturers, faculty members, and fellow alumni.

Whether it’s studying advanced techniques in dental implantology against the backdrop of historic European cities or mastering the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry amidst the natural beauty of tropical paradises, these programs offer an immersive learning experience like no other. Importantly, these programs align with Penn Dental Medicine’s commitment to lifelong learning and excellence in oral healthcare.

Moreover, alumni travel and destination CE fosters collaboration and networking among peers from different parts of the world. Through shared experiences and interactive lectures, alumni forge lasting connections that extend beyond the duration of the program. These relationships not only enrich their personal and professional lives but also serve as a valuable resource for future collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Traveling CE programs represent more than just professional development—they are transformative experiences that enrich the lives of participants and make a positive impact on global oral health. As alumni continue to explore new destinations and expand their horizons, they carry with them the spirit of innovation, excellence, and service instilled by their alma mater.