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Join us March 30-31 in Merida, Mexico!

Fundación ADM, Institución de Asistencia Privada and Penn Dental Medicine’s Center for Integrative Global Oral Health invite you to join us in Merida, Mexico for the Global Oral Health Forum 2023. The main objective of this forum is to encourage and facilitate a dialogue between major actors and stakeholders in the oral health community. With a focus on equity and disability, invited speakers and panelists will be asked to challenge the status quo and suggest how to move forward to break the silos that exist within the oral health community and speak with a unified voice.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage in the context of oral health
  • Describe potential pathways and challenges for persons with disabilities to achieve optimal health
  • Understand the role of the education and research communities in attaining a more equitable oral healthcare system
  • Identify public health initiatives and describe the current state of the oral health workforce to achieve more equitable health outcomes

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