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Mercy LIFE, 4508 Chestnut Street (photo pre-pandemic)

Mercy LIFE

Mercy LIFE (Living Independently for Elders), located at 4508 Chestnut street, provides interdisciplinary medical, dental, behavioral and pharmacy services for elders living in West Philadelphia. Modeled after the national program of all-inclusive care for the elderly, Penn Dental Medicine faculty and students provide oral health education, and diagnostic, preventive, restorative, prosthodontic and surgical dental care as part of the interdisciplinary care team at Mercy LIFE. In Fall 2020, Penn Dental Medicine increased its dental footprint to four dental chairs in a new third floor dental suite as part of the day services provided to Mercy LIFE participants.

Care Team

Public Health Dental Hygiene Practitioner Dentists
Karoline Genung, B.S., RDH, PHDHP Dr. Lee Durst
Dr. Yvonne Deloache
Dr. Kenneth Hoelzle
Dr. Larry Reich


Mercy LIFE operates from 8 am to 4 pm.


Penn Dental Medicine at Mercy LIFE
4508 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139
267-787-8300 (to learn about Mercy LIFE services)