• Creating oral health innovations by leveraging emerging engineering approaches


Advances in engineering and computational sciences are creating previously unimagined opportunities to advance oral and craniofacial health. However, progress is hampered by the lack of scientists cross trained at the oral health/engineering interface.

This NIDCR T90/R90 Postdoctoral Training Program unites the Schools of Dental Medicine and Engineering & Applied Sciences to provide highly tailored postdoctoral training to develop a cohort of cross-trained dentists, engineers and scientists who will accelerate discovery, innovation, and translation to address unmet needs in oral and craniofacial health. Trainees will:

  • Apply engineering and computational sciences to study disease mechanisms and to develop precise/low-cost diagnostics, affordable therapies and low-cost devices
  • Be guided to develop careers dedicated to advance dental & craniofacial research and innovation in precision oral health care

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