Hajishengallis Laboratory

Laboratory of Innate Immunity & Inflammation

The scientific focus of our laboratory is at the host-microbe interface of the oral mucosal barrier. We investigate how these local interactions cross-talk with systemic immunity and aim to define conditions that maintain homeostasis as well as understand the mechanisms by which homeostasis breaks down leading to disease. Our research has illuminated novel mechanisms of homeostatic regulation of immunity, microbial dysbiosis, and inflammation, and has been published in pre-eminent journals, such as, Nature ImmunologyScience Translational Medicine, Cell, Cell Host & Microbe, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Nature Communications, PNAS, Science Signaling, New England Journal of MedicineNature Reviews Immunology and Nature Reviews Microbiology. We combine basic scientific and translational research, leading to innovative approaches to clinical problems, such as exemplified by periodontal disease, where our preclinical work has led to clinical trials of therapeutic compounds.