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Random Error and Bias

When using samples to make inferences about populations there are some things that can decrease the confidence or certainty in the inferences we make. In research design, random error and systematic error (bias) can both contribute to this uncertainty. Watch this video to learn about the differences between the study attributes that cause random error and bias.


Podcast Episode: Random Error and Bias

Today, we welcome back special guest Olivia Urquhart, a faculty member at Penn Dental Medicine’s Center for Integrative Global Oral Health and an epidemiologist with a passion for biostatistics. In this bite-sized episode, Olivia and one of our hosts, Dr. Alonso Carrasco-Labra, discuss the topic of Random Error and Bias.

Olivia and Alonso delve into the topic and discuss how we may encounter random error and bias in everyday life, common misconceptions in regard to random error and bias, and why it is important for researchers and clinicians to understand this concept.


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