Periodontal Disease and Bariatric Surgery
Principal Investigator: Dana T. Graves, DDS, DMSc
Study Status: Currently enrolling

We are carrying out a study with patients who are undergoing bariatric surgery to see how diabetes and obesity affect bacteria in the mouth. This is important since oral bacteria can cause diseases of the gum and teeth and can even affect overall health. The study will examine how bariatric surgery changes bacteria in a way that may be beneficial. Individuals in the Bariatric Surgery Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine are eligible. Participants will be asked to attend two visits at Penn Dental Medicine prior to their scheduled weight-reduction surgery and three visits after surgery over the course of approximately 1 year. The visits include a brief examination of the teeth and gums, a dietary questionnaire and collection of bacteria. After some visits a small amount of blood will be drawn.

Participants will be men and women, 25-65 years old, with a BMI of ≥35 kg/m2who are scheduled to undergo gastric bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy surgery and do not require antibiotic pre-medication prior to dental treatment. Eligible participants include those with or without type 2 diabetes. There is a reimbursement of $75 for each of the first four visits to Penn Dental Medicine where the study is carried out and the final visit pays $100. If you complete all 5 study visits, you will receive a total of $400.

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