The OHART Study: An observational study for patients living with HIV who have been on antiretroviral therapy for at least one year.
Principal Investigator: Temitope Omolehinwa, BDS, DScD
Study Status: Currently enrolling
This Study is Grant Funded by: National Institutes of Health — National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

The OHART study is a collaborative effort between dental and medical experts, and is aimed towards improving outcomes for people living with HIV. This prospective study will identify oral-systemic non-AIDS-associated comorbid diseases (non-infectious diseases) in a large population of HIV individuals. The goal is to determine key oral health manifestations associated with development and severity of these diseases. A better understanding of the interplay between oral and systemic inflammation in people living with HIV can inform clinicians about novel preventive treatments aimed at reducing inflammation among people living with HIV.

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