The RIOMPA Study: The Role of Inflammation in the association between oral and mental health disorders among patients living with HIV (PLWH) on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)

Principal Investigator: Temitope Omolehinwa, BDS, DScD
Study Status: Currently enrolling

This study aims to explore a potential association between oral and mental health status of people with HIV who have been on antiretroviral therapy for at least one year. This study involves a one-time visit and will require approximately 3 hours of your time. Study participants with a laptop or desktop at home and presence of a quiet space with no risks of distractions, are able to complete a part of the study at home if they are comfortable and familiar with the use of videoconference (such as zoom). This video conference can occur up to one month after the initial visit.

Participants will receive $50 compensation for time and travel when they complete all parts of the study visit.

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